Multi Service IP-PBX/NGN/IMS Chassis

Multi Service IP-PBX/NGN/IMS Chassis

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Place of Origin: China
Фирменное наименование: Global Tech
Сертификация: ISO9001
Model Number: GT-IPX

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Packaging Details: Export Carton
Delivery Time: 7 days after payment clear
Payment Terms: LC/TT/WU
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Analog Relay


Digital Relay

Guangdong Global Telecommunication Technology GT5200C series IP PBX adopt advanced hardware and software technology and telecom grade design to ensure high reliability of equipment. The system adopts mature and high performance CPU and DSP with embed real time operation system and high efficient algorithm to provide high performance and quality of voice. GT5200C support warm backup on single tributary card and network uplink port. The system can shift between main and backup while fault or failure occurred to ensure the entire network reliability.

GT5200C can provide complete basic and value added service such as SMS, voice mailbox, call center, attendant desk answering, facsimile and so on. The unit can max match various service request from enterprise users as following diagram.

Multi Service IP-PBX/NGN/IMS Chassis

Product Feature

● Abundant service: call conference, third party calling, MDS, Video call, Video conference, Mass texting and so on.
● Support various kind of terminal access such as analog phone, IP phone, Video Phone, WiFi mobile, CMDA mobile and magnetic telephone.
● High integrated system: embed telephone conference system, integrating tradition switch, soft switch, trunking gateway, access gateway and so on.
● Adopt TDM+IP switch dual platform design, provide smooth upgrade from tradition PBX to IP PBX.  And also realize smooth connection on PSTN, NGN and IMS.
● High reliability of system, the core component is adopting warm backup design. It also support dual IP PBX backup in network topology.
● Advanced voice quality assurance: support silence suppression, silence compression, echo suppression, packet loss compensation, dynamic jitter buffer, automatic gain function, supports a variety of voice codecs, such as G.711, G.723, G.729,G.726-32, T.30, T.38, FR, EFR, AMR, etc.


 Technical Parameter

● 19 inch standard chassis with plug and play structure.
● Max supports 1000-5000 lines of subscribers.
● Max provides 32 channel of E1 access and 30 lines of multi grade IVR.
● Support VoIP Protocol: SIP/H.323/MGCP/H.248/RTP/RTCP.
● Support Narrow Bandwidth Signaling: TUP/ISUP/PRI/No.1(R2)/Q.SIG/UPRA
● Chassis Size: 486mm(W)×176mm(H)×324.2mm(D)
● Dual AC input: 90V-265V
● Dual DC input: -48B
● Support web browser centralizes management, support IMS/NGN/PSTN access.


Typical Network Diagram


Multi Service IP-PBX/NGN/IMS Chassis


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