Optical Fiber Fast Connector

Optical Fiber Fast Connector

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Place of Origin: China
Фирменное наименование: Global Tech
Сертификация: ISO9001
Model Number: FC

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Packaging Details: Standard Carton
Delivery Time: 7 days after payment clear
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Minimum Oeder Quantity: 1 Pair Payment Terms: EXW
Supply Aility: 10000 Unit
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Fast Connector

Global Tech’s Optical Fiber Fast Connector can work as optical fiber closure through cold splicing technology. As a substitute to the conventional pigtail patch cord, Global Tech adopts V-Groove technology to terminate the optical fiber with reliable quality in FTTx application. Dramatically reduce the investment cost and deployment duration, and realize the universal, expressed and effective network access and coverage.

Varied connectors are provided for varied applications. According to different technologies, several types of connectors can be provided as following:

A:φ0.25mm Optical Fiber

B: φ0.90mm Optical Fiber

C:3.1* 2.0mm Rubber-insulated Fiber Cable


* Ultra low insertion loss and high precision.

* Ultra compact size and high pull strength.

* Ultra short engineering procedure, no special tool required.

* High splicing efficiency and low failure rate.

* Pre-installed optical fiber stub, easy fiber termination in the field.

* Support Single Mode Fiber and Multi Mode Fiber.

* Reusable for multi splicing.

Product Application

* Optical Patch Panel, Optical Patch Box.

* Optical Distribution Frame.

* FTTx

* Optical Network Maintenance and Emergency Restoration.

* Optical LAN.




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Guangdong Global Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd.

Контактное лицо: Mr. Jack Lam

Телефон: 86-20-82322576

Факс: 86-20-82322578

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